Katja Glass


After a dual study of information technology, I started in 2005 at Schering AG within the Global Biostatistics department which became later on Bayer AG where I am currently in a technology group supporting data management programming and statistical analytics with SAS standard macros and similar. I am a very active member of PhUSE: I had lead single days in Germany, being part of the committee, creating the PhUSE app for some years and finally I was chair of the EU Connect Conference in Frankfurt in 2018.

My major strength is to understand the users tasks and needs to be able to support the user requirements and provide very user-friendly solutions. I am always seeking for new challenges. For this I started Katja Glass Consulting as part time freelancing in 2019.

Publications & Presentations

  • OpenStudyBuilder - Experimentation Examples - PHUSE SDE Heidelberg 2023 (presentation)
  • OpenStudyBuilder - The Game Changer - PHUSE EMEA Summer SDE 2022 (presentation)
  • CDISC Open Source Alliance (COSA) - An Introduction - CDISC EU Interchange 2022 (presentation)
  • Proprietary vs. Open-Source - What's More FAIR? - PHUSE EMEA Winter SDE 2021 (presentation)
  • Open Source in Pharma - What's Going On? - PHUSE EMEA Winter SDE 2021 (presentation)
  • Open Source SAS Macros - What? Where? How? - SAS Global Forum 2021 (recording & paper)
  • Continuous Integration for SAS Macros - PhUSE EMEA Spring SDE 2021 (presentation)
  • FAIR for Source Code - PhUSE SDE Basel Aug 2020 (presentation, recording)
  • Clinical Data Science - Going the Open Source Route - PhUSE BitSize Webinar 2020 (presentation, recording)
  • Creating and Maintaining Open Source: Why and How? - CDISC Virtual Interchange 2020 (presentation)
  • Open Source SAS Makros - Was gibt es? Wie nutze ich es? Was sollte ich beachten? - KSFE 2020, Mannheim (paper, presentation)
  • Open Source for Pharma - Solutions, Challenges and Visions, PhUSE SDE 2019, Copenhagen (presentation)
  • Open Source Selection, PhUSE SDE Heidelberg 2019 (poster)
  • Programminhalte extrahieren und modifizieren mit SAS (German), KSFE 2019, Berlin (paper, presentation)
  • Additional Publications done as employee can be found at linkedIn


  • OpenStudyBuilder - Demonstration of Application - 2023 (YouTube, 28 min)
  • FAIR for Source Code - Digging the Gold of Programming - PhUSE Recording (YouTube, 28 min)
  • Clinical Data Science - Going the Open Source Route - PhUSE Recording (YouTube, 30 min)
  • Open Source Portal for Clinical Study Evaluations - A Quick Glance (YouTube, 4 min)
  • Open Source for Pharma - Solutions, Challenges and Visions (YouTube, 17 min)
  • Using an Open Source SAS Macro - How to do? (YouTube, 33 min)
  • Open Source Collaborations in Clinical Study Evaluations (YouTube, 7 min)


Web Development (JavaScript, React)
R / Python
Visual Basic


  • OpenStudyBuilder (Community Manager)
  • Open Source Portal
  • Kimai Plugin - ApprovalBundle
  • TimeKex: Timetrack - Kimai meets Excel
  • Reindeer - Render SAS Results
  • SMILE - Smart SAS Macros

  • Development

    • 2005 Dual education study of Computer Science - Diplom Ingenieur Informatik (BA)
    • 2005 Schering AG - Statistical Standard Coordinator in Global Biostatistics
    • 2014 Bayer AG - Clinical Data Process Technology Specialist
    • 2019 Katja Glass Consulting - becoming independent (part time)
    • 2020 Bayer AG - Expert Statistical Analyst (part time)
    • 2021 CDISC COSA Board Member
    • 2022 OpenStudyBuilder Community Manager
    • Stream chair/co-chair from 2020
    • EU Connect Chair 2018
    • PhUSE conference co-chair 2017
    • Chair/co-chair of the PhUSE SDE Germany 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
    • Co-chair of Coding Solution stream 2014, 2015, 2016
    • PhUSE App developer 2013-2017

    Projects as Employee

    • Implementation, Documentation, Validation, Training mainly for SAS macros
    • Build up Standard SAS Macro Toolset with close user collaboration
    • Enhance & Maintain Table and Listing creation SAS Macro Framework
    • Integration of Two Table and Listing Frameworks into one
    • Data & Program transfer project (Windows to Unix including new structures)
    • SAS Macro Development coordination for Global Biostatistics
    • SAS Version upgrading for SAS macro frameworks
    • Continuous user focus for processes and tools
    • Meeting app developments similar to PhUSE app which I have created
    • Narrative automation support
    • WebApp for interactive tables and listings