Empower your SAS Processes

Open Source Consulting, Support & Projects

Using Open Source Solutions brings a lot of benefits. There are no development costs and license fees to use software, tools or scripts. The solution is completely auditable. It can be investigated what is happening and the source can be adopted to the business need. There is also the chance that new colleagues might already know the tool and does not need excessive training.
Performing open source projects brings additional benefits. The motivation is very high. The costs are lower than traditional projects. When more people use the source, the more likely bugs are found and probably more useful functionality and processes can be implemented. Only when solutions are discussed, better solutions and enhancements can be found. Duplicated work can be avoided and much more!

I can support you to manage open source solutions in your company!

  • Missing documentation or training which is not available? Let us create helpful sources to be published!
  • Need adoptions for your specific business needs? I can do that as well.
  • Want to publish your solution as open source? Let me support you in what you might want to consider and how you would be able to do so.
  • Need a beta-tester with a strong development background? That's me!
  • Want to have a first level contact for your open source solution, so not all questions are directly coming to your employees? I could do a first level support, answering and filtering questions so only relevant questions go to the development team.

You might want to schedule a phone call to discuss your specific needs. There are a lot of opportunities to create and use open source. Just start that open source journey, there are glorious goals to reach.

SAS Macro & Program Consulting

Having standard programs and macros allows analysts, scientists and programmers to have homogeny programs and outputs which allows higher performance. Such tools can enhance the daily tasks, especially those which are needed by many users many times. Furthermore having these standards and macros available at a central place, it builds a huge knowledge base on how to do things. There should be enough flexibility to use programs and macros for similar tasks, but restricting them as well to be not over complex and maintainable. Combining standard programs and macros with continuous maintenance by an easy way for users to submit ideas and enhancements has the chance to empower your SAS processes to unknown capabilities. Finally it allows the users to focus on other tasks which is important by the fast evolving requirements.

I can support you in building or maintaining the development of standard programs and macros. I can guide you on how you can start and how to go forward. There are many challenges starting by user acceptance, technical difficulties, high complexity, huge documentation and validation effort. Often having another person looking at the usage, processes and implementations could result in solving available issues and allow for different view points which could enhance the daily work drastically.

To guide you best it is recommended to have a local one or two day session where excessive talks to program and macro users, developers and process drivers are made to get a full picture of the status, challenges and gaps. At the end there will be a first enhancements idea exchange to perform immediate action. Finally a complex report will be put together outline the status, possible solutions for challenges and a road map on how to go forward. The report, outcome and next steps can then finally be discussed in a t-con.
Further guidance can be provided off-site or on-site depending on the need. Especially when building up a standard program and macro framework from scratch it is more than useful to get additional view points and discussions to avoid pitfalls.

SAS Tool Support

Having issues in getting the clue of an available SAS macro framework or complex SAS program? I can provide insights and support when you need to modify SAS programs and macros, require documentation on what the programs do or want to extract functionality for other programs or macros.

SAS Framework Contracting support

Are you working with another company to create complex SAS frameworks for you? Most difficulties arise of unknown requirements beforehand and having not enough ideas of the possibilities. Need different viewpoints and support? I can help.

SAS Macro development

SAS macro programming is available at a special rate, when the final programs can be made available under the MIT license as open source.

Corporate Portal

Having issues in finding internal macros, scripts and provide an easy and intuitive way to explore tools within your company? A corporate portal can be created and maintained to allow users easy access to findable macros, scripts and tools. Build up a central knowledge repository.

WebApp development

Web applications are beneficial in various situations. Do you plan your next conference and would like to have a designed app specifically fulfilling your needs? I have created the PhUSE app for several years and can support you in designing something special!

Pinnacle 21 Community Services

Need services around Pinnacle 21 community edition? I can provide these like support with the setup and command line usage, so the tool can be used from SAS either through an X command or with a macro.


As I am part time consultant, I am not available for full time tasks. I can empower you and your team to enhance your viewpoints and skills to be able to get the most out of SAS program and macro standardization. My consultation is limited to EU and Switzerland. If you are interested, please contact me at info@glacon.eu.