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Open Source Consulting, Support & Projects

Using Open Source Solutions brings a lot of benefits. There are no development costs and license fees to use software, tools or scripts. The solution is completely auditable. It can be investigated what is happening and the source can be adopted to the business need. There is also the chance that new colleagues might already know the tool and does not need excessive training.
Performing open source projects brings additional benefits. The motivation is very high. The costs are lower than traditional projects. When more people use the source, the more likely bugs are found and probably more useful functionality and processes can be implemented. Only when solutions are discussed, better solutions and enhancements can be found. Duplicated work can be avoided and much more!

I can support you to manage open source solutions in your company!

  • Missing documentation or training which is not available? Let us create helpful sources to be published!
  • Need adoptions for your specific business needs? I can do that as well.
  • Want to publish your solution as open source? Let me support you in what you might want to consider and how you would be able to do so.
  • Need a beta-tester with a strong development background? That's me!
  • Want to have a first level contact for your open source solution, so not all questions are directly coming to your employees? I could do a first level support, answering and filtering questions so only relevant questions go to the development team.

You might want to schedule a phone call to discuss your specific needs. There are a lot of opportunities to create and use open source. Just start that open source journey, there are glorious goals to reach.