Open Source Collaborations

The way to go

We need more collaborations and exchange of experiences and programming. Having open source solutions would enable us to standardize the programming and creating standard and transparent programming processes for clinical study evaluations. Open source projects face many problems, but the potential is high when we start to share programs and processes.

I am more than pleased to perform any open source projects which will enable us a brighter future! Please contact me via to get further information or schedule a phone call.

I have launched a new web page: "Open Source Portal for Clinical Study Evaluations". A major missing gap is the findability of open source tools, scripts and macros. This page will close that gap. Do you want to support this project? Please provide input or become a sponsor! Get in touch with me via

Reindeer - A Result Render Tool

Status - Final

March/April 2020
Version 2.0 of Reindeer is released which supports now the inclusion of graphics, ascii and RTF output into a Word template. Next to ODS RTF also TAGSSETS.RTF output is supported. The tool is currently finished as no other features are requested.

February 2020
Reindeer - Result Render tool for SAS outputs is now released in GitHub in the first version!

The Reindeer Result Render open source tool contains a VBA macro which can be used to render multiple outputs created with SASĀ® into one Word document. Currently the listing (.lst or .txt) and rtf outputs are supported. Detailed documentation is available in the file containing the macro as well called "Reindeer.docm".

A follow-up project is already planned, so a next version supporting also graphics and other gimmicks will be available after development. Thanks to ClinStat GmbH for taking the sponsorship!

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January 2020
I have kicked off a the new open source project "Reindeer - A ResultRenderer Tool". ClinStat GmbH is sponsoring a project to render results from SAS outputs like listings and RTF files into a Word document. The resulting tool is a VBA macro which can simply be started through Microsoft Words. The tool will be completely open source and using the MIT license! The first release is planned in the first half of 2020, so look out for updates!

Open Source Portal

Status - Ongoing

January 2020
Many additional content has been included into the portal. 409 single scripts and macros from five different tool groups can be searched for. Additionally complex training videos has been created and made available through my YouTube channel and are also linked on the portal.

June 2019
A new web page is opened to make open source solutions findable. The project is looking for sponsorship to allow for further updates and enhancments. As available tools and solutions are tough to find and information is hardly in a standard format, a lot of work is going into this project.

Testdata Generation Project

Status - on Hold

January 2020
Due to missing sponsors and other ongoing projects, this project is put on hold.

June 2019
A first sponsoring company has been found! Two more to go for the project Kick Off!

April 2019
Recruitment for funding companies is not running very well. Advertisement could be optimized. I displayed a poster on the PhUSE SDE in Heidelberg about my personal open source selection. The interest is high to have open source and people understand that especially for the very important huge parts of a project, namely documentation, training, communication and also validation, funding would be require to receive a specific level.

I am thinking about changing the funding type from funding to sponsoring which might be easier to get agreement within the single companies. Furthermore I might switch the content to a more relevant task than test data generation.

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December 2018
The open source project for test data generation is looking for funding contributions. When at least three companies are found for funding, the project will kick of. A LinkedIn article was published and people are made aware of this project. Videos are provided to explain the importance of open source collaborations, as well as the test data generation project and scope.