Quick Introduction

Want to get a very quick overview of open source collaboration options? Checkout this presentation!

Link to Video Quick Introduction

(2 minutes, 4MB)


This presentation will give you an more detailed overview on collaborations and open source.

Link to Video Introduction

(7 minutes, YouTube)

Solutions, Challenges & Visions

Overview on what open source solutions are available, which challenges they face – documentation and financing are the most important – and how the future could look like.

Link to Video Challenges, Solutions and Visions

(17 minutes, YouTube)

Using an Open Source SAS Macro - How to do?

How to find an Open Source SAS Macro and how to apply it to your own problems and data? This video shows you a way.

Link to Video on Using Open Source Macro

(33 minutes, YouTube)

Clinical Data Science - Going the Open Source Route

This recording from the PhUSE Bitsize Webinar 2020 shows how the Open Source Route could be used for Clinical Data Science.

Link to Video Open Source Route

(30 minutes, YouTube)

FAIR for Source Code

This recording from the PhUSE SDE shows how to make source code FAIR, concentrating on making this findable by creating a program knowledge repository.

Link to Video FAIR for Source Code

(28 minutes, YouTube)